Tips for Working From Home

Here at Iconic Agency, we are all very accustomed to flexible working; be that working from home, on flights, at hotels and of course, from our London office; so we’re pretty good at adapting. 
We have learnt a lot over the years about maximising working from home, and Tord Nilson, one of our directors, shares some helpful advice. 

Rich King working from the side of a BMX event in Japan

“I always kick off pretty early with work, around 7.30am. It feels good to get going as people are normally on their commute into offices. By mid-morning I grab a coffee and head out to take the dog for a walk; splitting up my day is key to keep the brain motivated and refreshed with fresh air. Also, every hour I aim to go outside into the garden and get some deep breathes of air – again, it breaks up the day and keeps the mind focused and motivated.
One of my key pieces of advice is that at lunch, I never sit by the laptop. I either go and visit a local cafe (not possible now obviously!) or I sit outside in front of the tv. It gives me a chance to catch up on the news and personal social media – it also gives me a break from the emails and work. This is vital, as it can become a bad habit to simply be next to your computer all day. Enjoy the flexibility and find ways strategically shut off, to keep you as productive as possible when on your computer.”

“The last point is when to finish. It’s easy just to keep going because, as we all know, there is always work to be done. This is flexible as often we are working across different territories, but I usually have a time in mind everyday (usual about 6pm) where I pack all my stuff away and into a cupboard (I live in an apartment!) – at that point, work is done and my mind can relax, I can go for a run, go to the gym or make dinner.”

How the home set up can look when the weather is good!

Some key tips we find helpful for flexible working; 
Break each day down with goals 
You know how best you work so understand your strengths and work around them (some people are more productive early in the morning, or later in the afternoon, so ensure the times you give yourself a breather are worked around your strengths)
Keep in touch with friends and contacts
It’s easy to go a few days and get so focused on work, take time to pick up the phone and ask friends how they are 
Get fresh air regularly 
If you are used to a productive office-based routine, try and replicate some of this at home. Whether this is music, walks, taking lunch at certain time. Bad habits may creep in but a good, well planned routine will help.
Allow time to educate yourself
You can use time well to focus on personal development; find podcasts, books, films and TV programmes that can help you feel motivated and inspired.

Hopefully this all helps you cope with social distancing and self isolation; please add your own tips below to help everyone in the current situation and remember to stay safe!