Like the sports themselves, the action sports industry is fast, furious and relentlessly competitive. Why? This genre now shapes the lives of millions of highly engaged users every day, and the power and reach of social media provides action sports stars with enormous public influence that can be harnessed for optimal impact on your target consumer.

Forbes, in 2014, calculated that the extreme sports industry was worth more than US$6 billion. With the likes of more global sell out tours and extreme sports events, the economic impact must now be even more staggering. The BBC reports that 6% (4 million) of the UK population has expressed an interest in extreme sports.

Achieving mainstream success and meaningful impact on a global scale through action sports, however, requires constant innovation and a dynamic approach. Our goal at Iconic is to deliver strategies that will absolutely smash your objectives, deliver worthwhile results and ultimately target the growth of your business. Because the industry is ever-changing in nature, we are prepared to create completely unique approaches, apply traditional techniques or design a measured mixture of both based on what the best solution for your business will be.



We listen.

First and foremost we dissect your marketing problem and analyse the issues in detail from multiple perspectives to ensure we have all the information before we devise a tailored solution.

We plan.

With our extensive and in-depth knowledge of the UK, European and global action sports worlds, we build effective plans and strategies that deliver progressive, adaptable and intelligent results for your business.

We deliver.

Iconic Agency works across a massive range of sports and over the years we’ve built up excellent working relationships with the industry’s best events, top athletes, brands and companies worldwide. Whether you’re looking for event support, creative content solutions, ambassador/influencer programs, concept inception or other adapted marketing strategies, we can successfully recommend and deliver the perfect strategy to achieve your brand’s goals.




Influencer Marketing is a quick and effective way of reaching a highly engaged group of your key demographic. We’re dedicated to

  • identifying the Influencer that will have the greatest and most meaningful impact for your brand
  • providing you access to a range of exciting international action sports influencers
  • building relevant, engaging and genuine Influencer programmes for your brand that meet and communicate your marketing values


 Thanks to our years of experience as brand ambassadors with numerous brands, we understand the importance of having a strong group of influential athletes and ambassadors to work with. More importantly we have the extensive marketing background knowledge and skills to ensure the desired goals for this type of strategy are achieved.

We handle everything from recruitment, management and progress reporting on a wide range of ambassadors, and because we incorporate media exposure, we offer competitive services in PR and media relations that ultimately raise the team profile – one of the many added bonuses of working with us.

  • We have access to, manage and work with some of the most exciting athletes in the world
  • We handle all of the service processes within athlete management for you
  • We establish the right type of athletes for your brand, research the athlete landscape, negotiate terms, onboard them perfectly, manage those athletes accordingly and report back to you on the entire team with progressive suggestions and plans


From the first creative meeting to the final delivery, Iconic can produce top-quality, unique pieces of content to fit your marketing goals. Our creative team are unmatched in executing key deliverables so your new content has the power to excite and inspire your consumer.


Iconic works with some of the worlds leading action sports events across a number of vertical channels. We offer management of the entire format of the event – from inviting key athletes to attend and participate in events, to commercial partnerships and the supporting content that follows. With our services, you can be sure your event will have an unforgettable impact on your audience.


We work side by side with your brand to establish the exact strategic plans you need to achieve your objectives. We offer thorough training and guidance on how best to plan, implement and manage these strategies for your business.


We offer tailored strategies that identify your brand’s strengths, isolate its key values and recognize its potential to develop branding tools that will help you reach beyond the competition. With years of industry experience behind us we are well placed to deliver these successful strategies direct to you.


The key to great publicity is understanding both the market and its media. We capitalise fully on both, carefully placing products, teams and athletes in key areas to maximise their exposure so you get the most value for your investment.


Iconic Agency specialises in bringing sports and brands like yours together by utilising our unmatched people skills, outside-the-box strategies and extensive contact network to create lucrative opportunities for both parties. We thrive on creating these unique balanced partnerships that work to strengthen your brand.


We have a catalogue of teams, clubs and events ready and available for your business to partner with. These platforms offer maximum exposure and can help fulfill your brand’s potential. We manage the entire process and work together to ensure all partnerships and sponsorships are mutually beneficial.




Established brands wanting to continue to push their boundaries and target a new youth market. Action sports are the way in, and we can provide everything you need to reach that market.

Start-up brands wanting to build a credible image within the booming sports market through a range of up-and-coming ambassadors across different sports. We provide access to key athletes and manage the entire process.

New brands looking to associate their brand with, and build an image through, a global athlete. Build your brand with our expert guidance and choose the perfect sports ambassador for your business.

Brands entering a new market who already have a steady market in certain countries but are looking to expand and enter into new territories. We can tailor a plan that will perfectly fit your objectives in an unfamiliar market.

Brands with digital content needs looking for high-production, high-value content that builds new, engaged audiences online. Start to finish, we can provide polished, engaging content that represents your brand and reaches your ideal online consumer.


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