Athlete Management

We provide a personalised service to clients to ensure the quality of our work exceeds expectations. Our goal is find and fulfill the potential of our athletes. We specialise in using the athlete’s personal brand to open up lucrative opportunities whilst offering sound advice, so whether it’s sporting or commercial contract negotiations, public/media relations, career development or revenue generation we are there to help! With a vested interest in past, present and future athletes our mission is to give our clients an iconic status that sticks with them!

Sporting Contracts

We offer a concise service, advising our clients in understanding and negotiating sporting contracts in line with their profession as an athlete.

Commercial Contracts

In addition to sporting contracts we will help identify commercial opportunities for the athlete. Our service includes drafting and the negotiation of such contracts.

Public/Media Relations

Crucial to maximizing an athlete’s revenue generation is their public image. We develop and utilise an athlete’s personal brand to enhance their profile.

Career Development

Planning is essential in helping to develop long and prosperous careers beyond ones profession as an athlete. We plan ahead to make sure our clients have options down the line, especially in relation to transferring from athlete to the next stage of their career.

Revenue Generation

To maximise our clients earning we use our network to introduce extra-curricular revenue streams. Such opportunities will also assist their career development program.