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Jamie Flynn Conquers Twickenham

On Tuesday 22nd September 2015, Jamie Flynn and Darren Stafford scaled the North Stand of Twickenham Stadium and completed a BASE jump from the roof onto the pitch.

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Jamie and Darren are skydiving and BASE jumping professionals. They strictly follow safety precautions in all stunts they perform. At roughly 140 foot there is no margin for error. They took all safeguards to make sure that they did not damage any property at Twickenham Stadium grounds before, during and after the stunt.

The main motivations for doing this jump are to promote BASE jumping as a sport and complete a successful jump at an iconic landmark.

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‘The parachutes make quite a loud bang when they open in an empty stadium so we were waiting for security to come for us at any time,’ Jamie remarks. ‘We thought we would take a few selfies on the pitch before they got us but they never came. We were expecting to be caught but we just walked out the same way we had gone in.’

Jamie Base Twickers

Above all, this stunt was not intended to highlight any weaknesses in the World Cup ground security, though in doing so we hope measures are taken to tighten it accordingly. This BASE jump as mentioned previously was to promote BASE jumping as a sport and complete a successful jump at an iconic landmark.

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The result was international recognition for Jamie from the media in the UK all the way to New Zealand. Read more here:

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In addition to being a BASE jump athlete Jamie is also a professional wingsuit pilot. Keep an eye out for him over on his social media pages; Facebook, InstagramTwitter

Big projects in the pipeline. Watch this space!