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Nitro World Games


“The biggest event in the history of action sports, the Nitro World Games is a riveting three-hour experience that marks a revolutionary transformation of action sports competition. The Nitro World Games featured the best athletes from across the globe in action sports’ most exciting and popular disciplines.”

Mike Porra and Travis Pastrana.

Our Involvement

Iconic managed all aspects of the BMX sports organising for the first ever Nitro World Games. We worked across all competition formatting, athlete selection, selected a world leading judging panel and the head judge. Working directly with Travis Pastrana and Mike Porra, we headed up a BMX committee to align all contest aspects of the event, as well as being a Technical Director for all qualification events leading into the main event. We helped implement a brand new method of scoring and judging that has never before used in action sports. Additionally we lead all communication to a field of world class action sports athletes and we were the lead contact across everything related to BMX for the Nitro World Games, the first ever action sports event to be broadcast as a live TV show on NBC.

“Working under an impossibly tight timeline to set up world class qualifying events, new ramp designs and re-designing all the way up until the morning of the event, there aren’t many people or even groups of people in the world who could have pulled the world games off as flawless as Rich and his crew.”  Travis Pastrana – Founder of Nitro Circus