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Atomic and Dewerstone Collaboration

We’re really excited to show you the first Atomic and Dewerstone collaboration sunglasses that Atomic will be using to promote the brand this coming season. The sunglasses feature Atomic and Dewerstone branding along with the iconic Atomic star on one tip and the text “Limited Edition – 100 pairs” on the inside.


Iconic have worked together with both brands along with the factory in China to develop a cost-effective giveaway that still has the WOW-factor. These sunglasses are limited to 100 pairs globally and are made from bamboo wood which means they float if you drop them whilst chilling out on the lake during the summer months!

Tord Nilson, Director of Iconic Agency says; “It’s fantastic to work on a collaboration between such a legendary ski brand such as Atomic and Dewerstone; a fantastic up-and-coming brand. These sunglasses are more than a giveaway, it’s an extension of both Atomic and Dewerstone’s branding in unison and we’re very proud to have brought it all together.”

Rory Atton, Founder of Dewerstone says: “To work with such an established brand such as Atomic has been great and we are really proud to have such a positive response to our sunglasses. Iconic Agency brought the brands together and established a common ground where we would both be rewarded branding-wise and commercially. Tord understood the needs of both brands and definitely ended up pleasing everyone involved!”